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Water Safety After A Flood

From the VT Department of Health
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Stay out of any lakes, rivers or ponds for at least 48 hours following heavy rains, and longer if it has flooded. High rivers and fast-moving currents can create dangerous conditions at places you and your family might swim at for days after it has rained heavily Heavy rains may bring diseases that can make you sick from sewage and feces that has entered the water.. Sharp objects, like glass or metal, and spilled fuel or chemicals can also be carried into swimming areas by the stormwater and flooding. SO Stay out of rivers and streams until the water is clear and calm – usually several days after a storm. Watch the currents and listen for the sound of unusually loud rushing water. Natural waters can have hidden dangers below the surface. After heavy rains, stay out of any body of water for at least 48 hours to avoid the risk of getting sick from contaminated water. In a public swim area, you can swim if the water has been tested and it’s safe. Look for signs that say it is not safe to swim. After a flood or heavy rain it may take several days before water is safe for swimming and recreation. Before you go swimming Look for and obey any posted signs at beaches and parks. Never swim alone. Water is stronger than you think, and accidents can take only an instant. Stay away from water that is green, blue, brown, red, or looks cloudy. Or looks like spilled paint. It is likely that this water is poisonous and can make you very sick. Don’t swallow beach water or swim with open wounds that can get infected. Shower after swimming, and wash your hands before eating.



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